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Interactive tutorial, simply defines and communicates project management/accounting and connectivity needs for your company.

Congratulations on your decision to update your project management/accounting solution! I cannot think of another single thing you could do that will have such a profound effect on your company. If you are like most of the companies we work with, in just a few months you will have that peace of mind that comes with knowing your project team is in total control of all activities!

Needs Analysis Knowledgebase. Explorer Software Solutions Group shares their  Knowledgebase via the world-wide-web. Needs Analysis is an interactive tutorial that uses the Solutions Knowledgebase to help contractors define their project management/accounting requirements.

Best of all it's free. Run and re-run the Needs Analysis as many times as you want. Select what's essential for your business, add your wants, and let Needs Analysis describe your company's technical infrastructure, business functions, training, support, and customer information systems requirements.

For construction companies who are looking to improve project team communications, Needs Analysis is a complete knowledge base for project management/accounting software and technical infrastructure for successful construction companies in the 21st century.

There are four steps which will take a few minutes to answer.

Your reward is the Needs Analysis Summary you can print and share with your project managers, consultants, and software selection team. Needs Analysis helps you make the right project management /accounting software and technical infrastructure decisions for the next century.

Company Information
Technical Infrastructure
Core Business Requirements


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